10 Things About Diva Tequila & Recipes

February 9, 2017

With all I have going on these days, one thing I make sure to fit into my busy schedule is to relax with a nice adult beverage or three. I enjoy my cocktails and conversation amongst those I love and what makes those kind of days and nights more memorable is a good tequila. I recently not only reviewed Diva Tequila, but was also honored to have my guests enjoy it as well at my recent book signing. Though I am far from being a diva, I definitely felt like one when drinking Diva Tequila; its perfect when hosting a girl’s night out. With its unique sparkling bottle, to its pinkish color, and its citrusy flavor, we have not only enjoyed the tequila regularly at home, we have also had fun creating our own fun drinks with it. Here are some cool things you should know about the unique citrus infused Tequila.

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Photo Credit: Unik Photos

Photo Credit: Unik Photos

  1. The finest 100% blue Webber agave is used in the distilled tequila.
  2. You can sip it alone without the traditional burning sensation you receive from most tequila.
  3. It was created for women. (Girl Power!)
  4. It’s is sold in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Missouri, Asia Pacific, and TEXAS!
  5. It’s infused with citrus such as Orange, Tangerine and Grape.
  6. It has a unique aroma and flavor like no other.
  7. The bottle was developed in 2012 by a young and talented 8-year-old girl named Melissa. Melissa got her inspiration from her mother’s perfume bottles.
  8.  Makes for a really great gift for a birthday, bachelorette party, girl’s night out, and spa day.
  9. The tequila is actually PINK!
  10. You can mix it with just about anything!

Here are some recipes you can try at home with Diva Tequila:

Diva Tequila Shine Beautifully Blog

A huge THANK YOU to Diva Tequila for serving my guests your wonderful tequila at my book signing! We all enjoyed it! Author April Monterrosa Diva Tequila

I was provided a complimentary bottle of Diva Tequila for this review.