5 Life Changes of a Divorceé

October 20, 2016

Taking Care Of Someone

We as women (most of us) are nurturing by nature. It’s easy for us to support and accommodate the needs and wants of our spouses. Being newly single, you kind of don’t know what to do with yourself when you no longer have that responsibility. The world is now your oyster, you are your own other half now, do what YOU want. Plus it’s kinda nice not having to cook man meals daily.

Ms. Fix It

Being a homeowner without a husband, you tend to find yourself learning where all bolts, nails, and screws are at Home Depot. We have to learn to be handy and get things done to hold down the fort ourselves since we inherit the honey do lists.

Life After Divorce

Car Trouble

Sure we know where the gas tank is, but what happens when you can’t call your other half to fix a flat or tend to the regular car maintenance? Don’t forget your regular oil changes and tune ups by the way.

The Financial Struggle Is Real

After divorce, you’re on your own, sister. No more second income in the house for that little cushion of comfort. It’s humbling having to change your ways of spending and budgeting properly to make your mortgage and car payments. Thank goodness for extensions and payment plans.

Suck It Up Buttercup

As vulnerable as we may be, we have to toughen up to protect ourselves. Whether it’s a practicing your Rhonda Rousey moves to defend yourself, doing the Mexican hat dance to kill that roach in your house, or sleeping alone at night without the warmth of what use to be your husband, we have to toughen up to take care of ourselves. It may be time to invest in that wine and jar opener.

To my newly divorced sisters…we got this…don’t underestimate what we can do.