6 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

February 2, 2017

OK my singles, toss that box of Kleenex in the trash, wipe your face, and stop eating chocolate alone. Don’t dread the day of love just because you don’t have a special someone to spend it with. Instead, celebrate the day by celebrating YOU and having some fun! Who says Valentine’s Day has to be about romance anyway? Here are 6 ideas on how you can celebrate the day:

Support local

Gather a group of your single friends (or those attached and don’t celebrate with their loves) and try out a new local restaurant or boutique. What’s great about visiting a new local place is not only will you be trying out a new place and food, you will be supporting your local community, and better than waiting in line for hours at major chain restaurants. Be sure you check your local listings for V-day specials in your area.

Volunteer work

You may feel unloved because you are single on Valentine’s Day, but think about those that have no one in their lives at all. Spend time at a homeless shelter, nursing home, orphanage, or donate to local charity to send some love to those that truly need it.

Pajamas and Potlucks

Forget being lonely or allowing your other single friends to be lonely on valentine’s day; get together in the comfort of your own home, relaxed in pajamas, and everyone bring a dish to munch on. Pajamas and potlucks are a great way to enjoy sappy romance movies too!

Special deliveries

Play cupid! Dress up in pink and red, throw on your wings, and don’t forget your bow and arrow when delivering tasty treats or even roses/flowers to your single friends. Nothing better than being cheered up on Valentine’s Day by those you love and you love your friends, don’t you?

Day off just for you

Shut the world out and go to the spa, splurge on those shoes and purse, take a road trip to clear your head, visit your favorite restaurant, and do whatever it is that YOU want for the say.

Singles on the loose

Plan a hiking trip, winery or museum visit, and some sightseeing during the day, then get dolled up for some dinner and drinks for the evening with a group of friends.

Being single isn’t bad. It’s better to be single than in an awful relationship; when you start to feel sad about being single, think about that. There is something bigger and better coming your way! <3

6 Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles

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