Baiden Mitten Review

June 30, 2015

Regular exfoliation keeps the skin smooth and soft and also helps your daily moisturizer penetrate into your skin nicely. I was sent a Baiden Mitten to try out and what I loved about it is you don’t need to use it with any type of product. My skin felt very supple and hydrated after using it along with moisturizing. This product is great for those that don’t like to buy lots of body care products. It is for all skin types and can be used from the neck down to your toes. Your search for the best exfoliation method on the planet is finally over. When you start using Baiden Mitten here are some exciting things you can look forward to:

Click Image to Purchase

Click Image to Purchase

  • The smoothest skin that you’ve ever had in your life. Super soft, radiant, clean and a lot healthier. Customers report that they feel compelled to go around their family members urging them to touch the skin to feel the incredible smoothness

  • You will be amazed how much dead skin you will be able to get off your body. No other exfoliator will make you feel so grossed out and fascinated at the same time when you see rolls of dead skin forming as you scrub which then fall down to the floor. There are many good exfoliation products on the market, but Baiden Mitten takes the process up to the next level.

  • Even excessive skin dryness will disappear and you will see the difference in your skin after the first use. No more “crapey” skin from sun damage, little wrinkles around mouth and eyes will minimize and then disappear.

  • The pores on your face will get clear (blackheads will be banished forever) and smaller and if you ever suffered from ingrown hairs on your legs, bikini line and arms, the effectiveness of the Baiden Mitten in first removing them and then preventing them, will make you believe that the glove is magical

  • Whole body treatment. You can even use it on your face, including lips and eyelids. Although Baiden Mitten has rough surface it is not scratchy like other products. It is flexible when damp so able to go around all the nooks and crannies on your body.

  • You will be able to get rid of clutter of multiple products in your bathroom as the Baiden Mitten will replace most of them.

Product was provided complimentary in exchange for my honest review.