Birthday Post: 40 Things I’ve Learned in Life

April 7, 2017
#TheAMMCollection, April Mae Monterrosa

Today I turn the big 4-0. People have asked me if I was scared hitting that age; if I felt old or had mixed feelings of any kind. Truth is, I don’t. I am another year older and that’s OK with me. Every birthday I am blessed with, I think of all that life has brought me, both good and bad. Having such a great childhood, I often wonder why I’ve gone through some of the things that I have. I’ve had a few heartaches in my life and its by choice that I refuse to be bitter about any of them. On the positive side, I have the most supportive family which includes a small circle of friends that love me to no end and so much to be thankful for; that’s a birthday gift in itself. I guess life has its way of balancing out the good and the bad. Here are 40 things I’ve learned in mine.
Birthday Quotes

  1. You cannot change people; no matter how much you love them or lead them to be better.
  2. If you give yourself to someone selfish, they will continue to take and never return even a fraction of what you have given them.
  3. Loving yourself isn’t an easy thing to do at times, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself.
  4. Time will tell you who your real friends are.
  5. Its OK to outgrow people when you are growing in new directions.
  6. There is nothing wrong with distancing yourself from family that doesn’t bring anything good to you or your family’s lives.
  7. Make time for those that make time for you; even if it’s a phone call to say hello.
  8. Not everyone will support you on your ventures and that’s OK; I have learned everyone that comes into your life is not meant to be a part of all you do.
  9. Karma is real. I have seen it and felt it myself.
  10. When you empower a woman to do something she’s always been afraid to do, they will never forget you.
  11. There are plenty of opportunities out there for everyone and no need to compete with anyone.
  12. Always be the bigger person, support your peers, your community, and it will be returned to you in greater ways when you least expect it.
  13. Time flies when you’re having fun, working, or doing nothing. It doesn’t stand still…ever.
  14. If you have goals, dreams, a bucket list, or have want to make a major change in your life. DO IT!
  15. Never get involved with someone that isn’t over their ex.
  16. There are true friends and then there are acquaintances to have a good time with. Every person plays a role in our lives; know the difference and you will know who to invest your time with.
  17. Put your time, effort, and energy into what is going to make you a better person, be great for your future, and will have a positive effect on your life.
  18. Spend more time enjoying nature. Connecting with life in the outdoors is relaxing and good for inner peace.
  19. Stay true to yourself even if you stand alone.
  20. The right people will love you for who you are.
  21. There is nothing more liberating than being comfortable in your own skin.
  22. Make time for passions and hobbies.
  23. Acting out when you’re emotional can take a toll on a situation, yourself, and others.
  24. Make time to do what makes you happy, it’s a great way to release stress.
  25. You can’t make anyone love you; it’s either there or it isn’t.
  26. Be open to experiencing new things; it brings new people into your life.
  27. If it scares your or seems like too much work, do it anyway. It may be opening a door for new possibilities.
  28. People who are set in their ways are better left alone.
  29. Sunsets and sunrises always make me smile.
  30. The more successful you get; the more envy will appear.
  31. Falling in love should not hurt.
  32. Listen to more music and watch less TV.
  33. There is nothing better being left unsaid.
  34. Once you have had enough, it’s time to move on… no matter what it is.
  35. Even the strongest people have meltdowns and usually cry when no one is watching.
  36. There is beauty in every place you go.
  37. Good memories and time well spent are far more priceless than anything luxurious.
  38. Getting older not only makes you wiser, you become thicker skinned and even sillier.
  39. You are never stuck in any situation; there is always a way to fix if not change things.
  40. And finally, you are in charge of your own happiness.

Happy Birthday to me and here’s to being 40…may life continue to be the adventurous ride it’s been. XOXO ~ AMM

  • coppeliamarie
    April 9, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Happy 40th! Great list! And moving on is one of my favorites. I feel like the older I get, the less time I want to waste. 🙂