Body Scrub Ingredients

March 11, 2014

Sugar & salt are the most common, & the easiest to use because they have the benefit of dissolving in water so they don’t leave any mess in your bathtub. Salt is great for relaxing your muscles. I’ve tried sea salts, table salt, & epsom salts, & epsom is my favorite. Sugar feels slightly gentler on your skin than salt. I prefer brown, especially if you mix it with a vanilla essential oil, this smells yummy. Ground coffee smells divine, & the caffeine may even have some “wake up” benefits for your skin in the morning since its very invigorating. Oatmeal is the gentlest of the exfoliants. It softens & hydrates your skin & a soothing home remedy for dry, itchy skin. Unlike salt and sugar, you can use it with a bit of water instead of a carrier oil. Other options include almond meal, flax meal, rice bran, wheat bran, and ground nut shells. Happy Scrubbing!