Falkenstein Castle in the Texas Hill Country

November 29, 2016

On one of my many adventures on the roads of Texas, I ended up in the Marble Falls area. While there, I wanted to visit The Devil’s Waterhole at Ink’s Lake. Being that I hadn’t been there in quite some time, I actually found it! (I do have a good sense of direction if I say so myself.) The lovely sunny and windy weather on this Sunday Funday was a perfect day to be on the road; it was beautiful summer day. While cruising in this colorful area of Texas, I passed by something I’d never thought to see…a castle! Yeah, you read that right, a castle in Texas; the Falkenstein Castle.

Falkenstein Castle Texas

Falkenstein Castle Texas - Shine Beautifully

The Falkenstein Castle is located on Park Road 4 South, 7 miles west of the intersection of Highway 281, between Burnet and Marble Falls, Texas. The castle was built on the highest hill in the Hill country owners Terry and Kim Young could find. They wanted the setting to be like the old Castles of Europe, having lots of open land around the Castle and didn’t want to build within a city, or a commercial area. The castle is located on 113 acres in the middle of mostly Texas parkland that covers an additional 5,000 acres. On a clear day the 360 degree views extend 30 miles in every direction. Terry and Kim Young, owners of the castle, wanted to share their fairytale setting residence with brides so they could have a “fairytale” wedding. They have one wedding weekly at the castle.  A complete Royal Wedding Package is currently $4,995.

Photo Credit: Falkenstein Castle Website

Photo Credit: Falkenstein Castle Website

The footprint of the main grounds and buildings covers approximately four acres or 174,240 square feet. While the main ” Palace ” building where the weddings are held is nearly ninety feet tall. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of limestone, granite, sand, cement, rock and block, were used in the construction of all of the buildings at Falkenstein Castle. The castle was built in the old tradition of Castle building in Europe. The walls are not wood and sheetrock they are solid stone. The chandeliers are cast iron; the huge columns are from ancient forests some 30 feet tall. Terry and Kim Young (the builders of the Castle) live in the Castle all year long; the Castle was not built as a commercial enterprise but the couple wanted to share their beautiful project with the public at least in some limited way and you can’t go wrong with a fairytale wedding. The castle garden features plants brought in from all over the planet, water ponds and fountains, as well as 40-foot pine trees.

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Photo by: Joel Scholtz

Photo by: Joel Scholtz


  • Kim Young
    December 26, 2016 at 8:15 pm

    I loved your story about my house,it caught the feeling of what we were trying to live,home first,commercial second.It is very rarely, I open access to my upstairs (first time in 18 years)I am really sure it will be an epic party, with non snobs,happy gamblers ,with great food, many glasses of champagne,and yummy food,and gambling