Fulom Skin Care Products Review & Giveaway

January 22, 2017

I was given a complimentary set of the Fulom Skin Care line in exchange for this review.

I am always in search of new products that can help my clients that have special skin issues. With that said, I am glad to have come across the Fulom Penetrating Hydration line discovered by John Doyle. The Fulom skin care line has 3 products in the line currently; moisturizing cream, hydration lotion, and a face & body cleanser. Each product is formulated with Fulvic Acid and specializes in skin care treatments for Eczema and Psoriasis. Fulvic Acid is a natural biological compound derived from plants that existed at the time of dinosaurs, when large quantities of ancient vegetation went through a transformation process like that of coal and diamonds. Now I don’t have any issues with eczema or psoriasis, but I did test out and review the line on my own skin.

April Mae Monterrosa - #TheAMMCollection

Fulom Skin Care

The Moisturizing Cream was my favorite product in the line. On my combination skin, it hydrated it nicely without clogging my pores. It almost instantly penetrated my skin and didn’t feel greasy after I applied it either. The medium weight cream (in my opinion) didn’t sting or anything and felt completely gentle. It would perfect for those with sensitive skin than need a rich, but not heavy moisturizer.

The lightweight Hydrating Lotion is more hydrating and nourishing than I expected it to be. It is perfect for those with normal, sensitive, and oily skin. The lotion is great for those that like to moisturize their skin right after bathing and prefer not to feel heavily coated with a thick rich cream. I also found that it works very well under makeup for a smoother application.

The rejuvenating citrus scented Face and Body Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that moisturizes the skin as it cleanses it. The body cleanser is mild, contains organic Fulvic Acid, and minimizes the removal of the skin’s natural oils unlike many of today’s harsh cleansers. The nutrients of the Fulvic Acid repairs damaged skin which makes it good to use on acne prone skin without clogging the pores.

April Mae Monterrosa - #TheAMMCollection

Fulom Skin Care

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I am excited for my clients that deal with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis to try the line. With its soothing and repairing ingredients they are sure to find relief and a difference in their skin. Here are some Fulom Q & A:

How long does it take to work? Itch will be eliminated immediately. Bacteria are neutralized upon contact. Anti-inflammatory effects are generally noticeable within 5 minutes. When referring to the more serious skin conditions, there are many variables that make this question impossible to answer with generalizations. Most individuals with psoriasis and eczema will show a noticeable response within 1 week of daily application with one of the hydrating products along with the cleanser. If, after 4 weeks of continuous use there is no improvement, then unfortunately you might not respond.

Are you a cruelty free company? Yes.

Is it safe for children? Yes.

Is it organic? Fulom Skin Care products are not designated organic. However, the Fulvic Acid used in the products is Certified Organic and Kosher.

Are you natural? In the strictest sense of the term, no. There are synthetic ingredients in the products and they are proven to be safe and well tolerated.

April Mae Monterrosa - #TheAMMCollection

Fulom Skin Care

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