Girl Power and Rock & Roll: Glam Skanks

February 20, 2017
Glam Skanks - Glitter City

Nothing says badassery like girl power and rock and roll combined. That’s exactly what came to mind when I watched the Glam Skanks perform as they were the opening act for the Adam Ant concert at the Empire Theater, in San Antonio, Texas. The Glam Skanks’ music is a combination of rock, punk, glam, and lots of glitter. These Los Angeles beauties are straight up raw and racy with their lyrics and their music makes you feel like you can kick some ass, I was immediately a fan. With some of their influences being The Runaways, David Bowie, and Alice Cooper, their “strong women rock” presence isn’t a surprise and will get you moving in no time. The hot and sassy girl group includes: Ali Cat on vocals, Veronica Volume on guitar, and Millie on Bass. Be sure to check them out in concert if they are in your area or download their album, you will not be disappointed. Click here for tour dates!

About the Glam Skanks: GLAM SKANKS create a colorful audiovisual extravaganza using familiar tints from T Rex, The Runaways, David Bowie and The Sweet, with the drama of Alice Cooper and the genuine rock sensibility of Aerosmith, all wrapped up in a full-blown cosmetic Rocky Horror show meets Hedwig androgyny. Pure entertainment and bigger than life, GLAM SKANKS are here to light up the world with their new release, GLITTER CITY. A rock and roll roller coaster ride in a blazing cloud of glitter and raining feather boas, GLAM SKANKS are high-energy, free-spirited, and lusty, with a bravado that screams Sunset Strip dreams and Hollywood nights that never end. They will wake you up, smack you down, get your heart beating and your mascara running. Drag Rock for the masses.

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Glam Skanks - Glitter City

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