Google Can Save You the Heartache

April 14, 2015

The biggest nightmare of a blogger is being contacted via their blog to notify them of some terrible unexpected news.  Most bloggers are business owners and really put themselves out there on social media. The last thing a happily married military wife and stepmom would ever expect is to be contacted via blog that her husband is placing ads on Craig’s List soliciting for sex, dating women where he works at, and has explicit images floating around the infinite skies of the internet, on more than one occasion. Sounds like a plot of a twisted dramatic love story or something you would see on Jerry Springer, right? Truth is, it’s really happened. After years of speculation and no proof, thanks to social media, the proof surfaced and the blogger was freed from any exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, more lies, and heartache.

Most dating women are a lot smarter these days and use Google to look up the men (and women) they begin to date. In my opinion, when you are smart enough to Google a man before going out with him, then you are ready to go into a relationship and with your eyes open. When you Google someone after you’ve begun a relationship with someone, you are asking for trouble because you never know what you may find. I believe a woman’s intuition is usually right. If you are dating someone, they’re very vague about their life’s details, they seem way too good to be true, and you have a gut feeling something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

April Mae Monterrosa, Shine Beautifully, Randy Monterrosa

If you were in a relationship for a long time and new to the dating scene, I am here to tell you things have changed drastically. Dating has gone from being picked up, called on the phone, and taking things slow, to texting, emailing, chatting online, and meeting each other at the date place. Though things are not as old fashioned as they use to be, one of the perks to dating these days is how easily it is to find someone via Google.  Want to know more about the person you’re dating or chatting with online? Google them! It’s that easy! Every single log in and site that a person is on can be pulled up by simply Googling their name. You may be amazed at the marital status of a person when you look them up online, it may be different then what they claim it really is and what they are telling you.

By using Google to look for someone, be sure you’re prepared for what you may find. Nowadays, you can Google phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, nicknames, and many other things that may surprise you. You can find just about anyone online nowadays…heck you can even do all this researching on your Smartphone. Sure they can change their name, use a nickname, or even make up  a fake one, but, usually cheaters are sloppy and there is not much you can hide these days thanks to social media and the internet.

Back to the blogger that got notified of her husband’s infidelities; though it was heartbreaking, sickening, and devastating, what these women that were dating her husband had to say and share with her, saved her and more time wasted on a husband with a double life. No telling how long he would have carried on, meanwhile, taking his good loyal wife, marriage, and family for granted. I guess where there is a will and way there is a cheating man. Thankfully, the women he was “dating” were smart enough to Google him. As for the blogger, she was able to put an end to a emotionally destructive marriage.

Remember, you can’t unlearn something after you Google it. Let’s see, there is Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Path, MySpace, Tumbler, Instagram, and an endless list of dating sites that are out there. Forget the wizard of oz….go to GOOGLE! Do your research ladies!

Ps….Be sure you are prepared for what you may find…

April Mae Monterrosa, Randy Monterrosa, Shine Beautifully