Gretchen Bee Ranch Lip Balm Benefits & Review

December 7, 2016

Being in the beauty and blogging world, you get to cross paths with many talented people; some you even build friendships with. My great friends and owners of Gretchen Bee Ranch have shared their amazing lip balm with me and just like them, the balms were sweet as honey. Mark and Thiên Gretchen operate the Gretchen Bee Ranch, headquartered in Guadalupe County, Texas. With their faith and help from family, friends, and millions of bees, they produce pure raw honey and other natural products from the hive. Read more about their great story on their website and keep in mind by purchasing Gretchen Bee Ranch products or sponsoring a bee hive, you are helping save honey bees as they work to make our planet earth a bit sweeter.

Gretchen Bee Ranch, Seguin, Texas

Back to the lip balms…Gretchen Bee Ranch lip balms are all handmade and tested before sold; all the ingredients are from the ranch as well. All the balms are smooth, soft, creamy, hydrate your lips instantly, and made with beeswax. Being in the spa industry many years, I have learned that beeswax has many great benefits when used on the skin. Not only is it moisturizing, it also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that aid is soothing extremely chapped and dehydrated lips. Beeswax is also completely natural which means is great for those that have dry lips and sensitive skin. Regular use of the lips balms has prevented my lips from getting chapped, dry, and cracked especially with the cooler temperatures here.

Gretchen Bee Ranch lip balms come in 3 different scents…or should I say flavors since they smell so wonderful! I can honestly say, its instant lip aromatherapy when you put it on. Their original lip balm scent has a light peppermint fragrance. Peppermint naturally has cooling effects, so when you are wearing the lip balm your lips well not only feel moisturized, they’ll also feel fresh. Another scent they carry is the Sweet Orange lip balm. Sweet orange has natural aromatherapy benefits that will lighten up your mood. This citrus fragrance will lift your spirits during the day and make you feel like you are outside enjoying a sunny day. And the best for last, in my opinion at least is the Honey Lemon lip balm. When I glided this lip balm on my lips, it reminded me of drinking a warm cup of honey lemon tea on a brisk Autumn afternoon. The lip balm felts warm, soothing, and the lemony scent is one I never tire of.

Gretchen Bee Ranch, Seguin, Texas

The Gretchen Bee Ranch lip balms can be purchased online or at the Bee Ranch. They make great stocking stuffers and perfect for everyone. To visit Gretchen Bee Ranch, be sure to visit the site for hours of operation, and follow them on social media. And remember, when you support local, you are supporting someone’s dream.

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Gretchen Bee Ranch, Seguin, Texas

All opinions expressed on this post are my own. Images used in this post are courtesy of Gretchen Bee Ranch.

  • Anali Martinez
    December 7, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Sounds like what I need RIGHT NOW! My lips are all cray with this weather! Love the story behind the brand too!