High Frequency Treatment in Facials

January 6, 2015

This glowstick-looking gadget is a High Frequency wand, a nifty ethetician’s tool that’s been used by spas since the 70’s to help a wide variety of skin problems. How does it work? It works by creating thermal heat via oscillation, infusing enriched oxygen molecules into the skin. This kills bacteria, promotes circulation, shrinks pores, produces collagen and elastin, helps soften redness, heal blemishes and even exfoliate dead skin cells, perfect for acne prone skin types. It’s been known to shrink zits by 50% on the spot. The oxygenation process allows all those nutrient-rich products used in your treatment to penetrate deeper into your skin, which helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. High Frequency light has an immediate “lifting” effect, and after long-term use it can really serve as a powerful anti-aging ally. Best used over a thin gauze, it feels like static electricity to the touch and is not painful at all. The high frequency treatment is included in the Purifying Facial.


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