Hunting Season: Questions a Hunter’s Daughter Receives

December 9, 2017

Hunting Season: Questions a Hunter’s Daughter Receives

I grew up in a hunting and fishing family. I grew up around the outdoorsy sports and have been around them hunting; it has brought many people into to my life with the same interests. Unlike those who have not been exposed to hunting and fishing, my friends, family, and some of my readers get it and why I share photos with them. I am amazed by the questions and comments (good and bad) I receive in my inbox when I post my Dad’s latest catch and/or kill on my social media. Let me share some of them…

Do you eat the meat? YES, we eat the meat. While it’s nice to have a nice trophy in the hunting world, we don’t believe in killing animals “just because” and leaving dead corpses all over the wilderness like people think. FYI: That is called “poaching”.  So yeah, my family does it the meat. Think of (In my Bubba Gump voice) deer (venison) steaks, deer sausage, deer stew, deer gumbo… you get the point.

Texas Hunting

Can I have some of the meat? Unless you shot the darn thing yourself, you never ask a hunter for the meat of his kill. Hunting season is prepped for months before the season even begins. Numerous trips are made out to the ranch to stock up the deer feeders with corn and feed to attract deer and fatten them up for hunting season. Don’t even get me started on the time and energy (and the expense) it takes to set-up for the actual hunt and the patience it takes to sit in a deer blind, in cold weather and in silence to hunt. For those who are clueless about the pricey sport have no idea all that goes into it. It’s not for everyone. If you want venison (deer meat) and know people who hunt, consider asking to buy some meat rather than just asking for some. You don’t go to the grocery store and ask for steaks, do you?

What is done with the meat after the kill? Since we are big meat and BBQ eaters, the meat is usually taken to a meat processing company where it is professionally cut, trimmed, made into sausage, and dried up for jerky.

Texas Deer Hunting

What happens to the body of the deer? The body is taken to a taxidermist where a “mount” is created. A mount is the preserving of an animal’s body via stuffing or mounting for display.

In closing, I am very proud to have grown up so close to nature and exposed to hunting and fishing. I understand it isn’t for everyone and many don’t understand it because they have never been around it. I feel because I have, its made me appreciate the wilderness, wildlife, and the food on my plate even more so as an adult. Happy Hunting!