Interesting Facts About Your Zodiac Sign

December 1, 2016

Interesting Facts About Your Zodiac Sign

I have always been fascinated with the Zodiac signs; it wasn’t until recently that a great friend of mine shared her knowledge and filled me in on more fascinating details. After she read my Astrology Chart, I just had to have her be a guest on my blog. Sandy Martinez is an astrologist and meditation jewelry creator in San Antonio, Texas. Here are some interesting facts about our Zodiac signs. These interesting facts are based on your sun sign but since there are other planets impacting your life not all of it may sound like you. That’s because it’s just the essence of you. Not your emotions. Not your needs. Not your desires. Those parts of you are found in other planets than the sun. As an astrologist, I’m able to chart the cycles of the planets as they move through your Astrology Chart. It looks like a whole bunch of symbols and angles to most but I SEE YOU IN YOUR CHART!!! THE REAL YOU!

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Aries – Ruled by Mars and likes to butt heads as the Ram of the zodiac because they like to play and fight hard to have what they need.

Taurus – Ruled by Venus and likes routine so as the Bull of the zodiac will sit or rage for peace and order.

Gemini – Ruled by Mercury and likes to talk as the Twins of the zodiac so be ready to hear about two stories at once and to converse about it all or they lose interest.

Cancer – Ruled by the Moon and likes anything homey as the Crab of the zodiac so they want their home life to be nurturing and will pinch you if you bring disharmony.

Leo – Ruled by the Sun and likes to be bold as the Lion of the zodiac so be ready for a leader who enjoys boldly leading the pride or start your own pride.

Virgo – Ruled by Mercury and likes service as the Maiden of the zodiac to cultivate healthy living for the body and for those they serve so never take their giving hearts for granted or you lose their service.

Libra – Ruled by Venus and likes balance as the Scales of the zodiac so be fair and just or be ready for a tactful debate.

Scorpio – Ruled by Pluto and likes merging resources as the Scorpion of the zodiac and will sting you if you don’t share.

Sagittarius – Ruled by Jupiter and likes adventures as the Centaur of the zodiac so be ready to explore and break new grounds with them or be left behind.

Capricorn – Ruled by Saturn and likes discipline as the Mountain Goat of the zodiac so they are always ready to create long term plans with rewards and when you are not they will try to implement structure so you do.

Aquarius – Ruled by Uranus and likes idealism as the Water Bearer of the zodiac so be ready to go with the flow into the future or be swept under the current of the past and old traditions.

Pisces – Ruled by Neptune and likes spirituality as the Two Fishes of the zodiac so be ready to dive into the depths of soul living or be disillusioned by their reality.

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