International Women’s Day

March 8, 2016

Happy International Women’s Day to all my strong women hustling to make a name for themselves, providing for a family while holding down the fort at home, as well as bringing goodness to the world! We as women, whether single, married, with children or without, have a story; have a special talent, and so much to offer in our own way.  In honor of the holiday, I want to share one of my favorite quotes with my readers.  Ladies, today we celebrate YOU, make some time today to do something nice for YOURSELF. And don’t ever forget, we as women are many things, always embrace who you are!

About International Women’s Day: (Courtesy of PunchBowl)
The first IWD celebration took place in 1911. More than one million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland attended rallies and events to campaign for women’s rights and to end gender discrimination. Today, International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to recognize all of the economic, political, and social achievements women have accomplished throughout history. In the fifteen countries where it is an official holiday, IWD is similar to Mother’s Day. People honor their mothers, wives, friends, and colleagues with flowers and small gifts.
Happy International Women's Day Quote

“I am the interpretation of the prophet
I am the artist in the coffin
I am the brave flag stained with blood
I am the wounds overcome
I am the dream refusing to sleep
I am the bare-breasted voice of liberty
I am the comic the insult and the laugh
I am the right the middle and the left
I am the poached eggs in the sky
I am the Parisian streets at night
I am the dance that swings till dawn
I am the grass on the greener lawn
I am the respectful neighbor and the graceful man
I am the encouraging smile and the helping hand
I am the straight back and the lifted chin
I am the tender heart and the will to win
I am the rainbow in rain
I am the human who won’t die in vain
I am Athena of Greek mythology
I am the religion that praises equality
I am the woman of stealth and affection
I am the man of value and compassion
I am the wild horse plowing through
I am the shoulder to lean onto
I am the Muslim the Jew and the Christian
I am the Dane the French and the Palestinian
I am the straight the square and the round
I am the white the black and the brown
I am the free speech and the free press
I am the freedom to express
I will die for my right to be all the above here mentioned
And should threat encounter I’ll pull my pencil”  ― Mie Hansson