Lockhart, Texas: Kreuz Market BBQ Review

February 26, 2017
Kreuz Market BBQ Lockhart, Texas

This Sunday Funday consisted of Bobcat Friends (high school mascot), bold grey skies, and Texas BBQ. Having never been to Lockhart, the capital of Texas BBQ, with fun friends and a BBQ guru inviting me to tag along, how could I not. Lockhart is a great day-trip or weekend destination from San Antonio, Austin, Houston, the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and anywhere in between. Lockhart is known for its popular BBQ restaurants, antique stores, specialty store, and recreational areas. Our main reason for visiting the small Texas town was for some good Texas BBQ for brunch at the popular Kreuz Market. Driving to Lockhart from San Antonio on a Sunday afternoon was smooth sailing thanks to the tollway. We safely made it to our destination with our tummies growling and ready to dig and see what all the hype was about the Kreuz Market. As soon as you walk in the market, you feel that Texas charm with its rustic décor, smell of bbq and burning wood in the air, and the live Texas country music band you get to listen to as you enjoy your meal.

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Kreuz Market BBQ Lockhart, Texas

The aromas of the bbq pits going gets your taste buds yearning for their meats; you will eat like royalty, that’s for sure. Being that it was my first time ordering from Kreuz Market, thankfully the captain of our road trip had a bit of experience to help me. I ordered the lean brisket, sausage links, and my German roots were happy with the side of German potato salad that accompanied my meaty selection. I loved that no BBQ sauce was smothered all over my order and I could taste all the flavorful hard work that had been put into my order. What I liked about the family friendly restaurant is the beverage selection available; they had Texas sweet tea as well as adult beverages and sodas. There was even ice cream for those that have a big sweet tooth and must have dessert after a big hearty meal.

Kreuz Market BBQ Lockhart, Texas

Kreuz Market BBQ Lockhart, Texas

Visiting the Kreuz Market in Lockhart is a fun family experience and perfect to do on a weekend. What better way to bond with friends and family on the road to splurging on some of Texas’ best BBQ. A little history about Kreuz Market: It all began in 1900 when Charles Kreuz Sr. opened a meat market and grocery story in Lockhart, Texas. Back then, smoking meats and sausages let folks keep quality meat around when refrigeration was nowhere near where it is today. Charles barbecued the fresh cuts of meat that he hadn’t sold in his store and used lesser cuts to make sausage.

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