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Minty Lemon Ice Tea Recipe

April 9, 2015

With the warmer season here, Texas tea is a favorite drink for us down here in the south. Here is a recipe for those that would like a citrus, minty flare to their tea. Enjoy.

1 cup brewed Mint Tea
1 cup brewed Lemon Tea
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
2 cups water
2-3 teaspoons honey or no-calorie sweetener to taste)
Lemon Wedges & Mint Sprigs

Brew double strength teas.  To double the strength, use 2 teabags for each cup of tea, rather than one teabag or portion, so that the tea is strong & concentrated.Cool the brewed teas.Combine the cool teas, lemon juice, & water, in a large pitcher.  Add honey or sweeteners as desired to taste, and stir to blend.  Serve over crushed ice in tall glasses, with a lemon wedge & mint sprig for each serving. Serves 4.