My Magical Adventure Book Review

November 22, 2015

I had the honor of personally creating a character that looks just like my step-daughter Saphira for her first-ever printed personalized book titled “My Magical Adventure” by Crayon Crunch. With my step-daughter being the lead character in the story, she is sure to feel like she is really on an adventure. In the story, Saphira discovers an old little box in the attic with a keyhole in the shape of an S. In this fun filled journey, she meets many characters that lead her closer not only to unlocking the mystery box, but also into a world of self discovery.

April Saphira Monterrosa1

Upon the opening of the box, she is amazed that a personalized letter is inside for her. The personalized letter which was written by me is a few pearls of wisdom that I grew up with myself, my parents have taught me, and that I have learned throughout my life.  My hope is for Saphira to not only to be amazed at having her own personal story and character in a book, but also to strengthen her zest for life, always be sure of herself, and know that she is loved by all her family across the miles.

Crayon Crunch

With the holidays approaching, I love to start looking for unique gifts to give the children in my family. What better than giving the gift of creativity, adventure, education, and all personalized for your little loved ones? My Magical Adventure is the first-ever printed personalized book, in which the lead character looks like the child reading it. All their books are printed uniquely and will be as diverse as the little ones reading them. All the personalized books represent any child regardless of ethnicity and special needs. Send your child on a one of a kind adventure. Choose and combine different hairstyles, hair colors, skin tones, facial features, eye colors, clothing, additional options and possible disabilities to create the lead character. You will also be able to customize the lead character’s name and a printed letter at the end of the book.

April Saphira Monterrosa

Visit Crayon Crunch and send your child a one of kind personalized adventure!



*Disclaimer: A personalized book was created for me in exchange for my honest review.*