Paradise Pond, Port Aransas, Texas

March 7, 2017

I found this quaint little nature gem called Paradise Pond right in the middle of Port Aransas, Texas. Paradise Pond is a birding habitat park and a grant project of the Texas Coastal Management Program and the Coastal Coordination Council. Not only was I able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise there, I saw several interesting species of birds, frogs, fish, a few turtles, and met some bird watchers from out of state. Paradise Pond is located behind Shark Reef Resort off Cut-Off Road. After spending a few hours at the pond, I can see why it was listed in the top 10 Boardwalks of Texas WetlandsDownload Birding Checklist

Paradise Pond, Port Aransas, Texas

About Paradise Pond

Dedicated in 2002, the Joan and Scott Holt Paradise Pond is a 2-acre habitat that provides an excellent example of public/private collaboration. A group of birders who won the Great Texas Birding Classic designated the prize money for the purchase of land located behind a local motel. Several donations of land, additional grants and other funding sources helped to complete the project that birders from across the country now enjoy. Paradise Pond is a stop on the spring migratory route for smaller warblers and other songbirds, while many feathered friends call the pond home all year long. The wheelchair accessible boardwalk and 3 observation decks provide easy access to get “up close and personal” with the birds under a mantle of trees. There is a sitting area at the entrance for watching butterflies, dragonflies and birds, along with information about the flowers and the butterflies that the flowers attract. Private donations of land, foundation funds and teamwork helped make Paradise Pond part of the Birding Trail of Texas. Visitors flock from across the country for a sitting here.

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I found it a bit sad as I tried to enjoy the serene and tranquil environment, construction was going on on just the other side. With that said, be sure when you are in the Texas Coastal area you stop to visit the Wetlands.Paradise Pond Port Aransas Texas