Self Growth & Change

July 7, 2015

To truly live life is to constantly grow. Self growth only comes with change; the only ones that can make changes within us are ourselves. Sure people come into our lives to show us examples of what could be, who we do not want to become, and are even sometimes reflections of who we currently are. In the end, it’s still our call on the path we choose. Through life, heartache, failures, and victories we learn as we go. It’s only us that can expose our raw truths and flaws to make them better. The more closed off we are to change, the slower it comes and the more we shelter ourselves from evolving to bigger better things. Life and love gives us endless possibilities; we have to remember our self worth and allow ourselves to deeply feel all that we come across to aid in our changes. There are no rules to change, for some; contentment is easier to settle for than to work hard for real happiness. If you choose to work towards drastic change in your life, just know there is no limit to what you can do. Never forget to open your heart to those that have opened theirs to you first, embrace different points of view, be courageous, and most of all accept things and those that startle you. They may not only be the tools you need to get on your way to becoming who you are meant to be and living a life you are proud of, but also a wake-up call to what you have been missing out on.

Quote about Change & Self  Growth