Sparkling Cotton Candy Cocktail Recipe

February 4, 2014

Cotton candy lovers can enjoy a special cocktail to drink and celebrate the romance of Valentine’s Day together with this sweet and sparkling cocktail recipe. Your sweet tooth is sure to fall in love with this concoction.

*For added sweetness, sprinkle your cocktail glass with a bit of powdered sugar before serving. It not only adds to the flavor, but also, the romantic feel of the drink.

Ingredients (Makes 1):

Cotton candy (enough to give the drink color & vibrancy)

5 ounces of sparkling wine

Powdered sugar for dusting


This cocktail is so simple it is almost a crime to offer directions. Pour your sparkling wine into a tall flute or champagne glass, add the cotton candy and watch it dissolve, then dust with powdered sugar before serving. You can use any color of cotton candy to coordinate with whatever occasion you’re toasting!