Thursday Thoughts: Sugar-Coating Helps No One

February 25, 2016

Have you ever given someone you loved or cared about your non-sugarcoated opinion and thoughts and then became the *sshole afterwards? Yeah, that’s what happened to me recently. I guess when I see the potential in those that don’t see it in themselves; I tend to reach out and want to help them realize all they could be and more. Many people don’t think outside their little box of habit and sometimes don’t see that the life choices they have made and/or keep making is getting them nowhere. And as usual, the truth stings when someone tells you they have all these plans and goals, are really not doing anything to achieve them, and you call them out on it.  I myself am very prideful however, when someone that is much more successful than I am offers me advice and help to reach my goals I am very open to what they have to share. You never know the life lessons people have learned along their way of making their own dreams come true; it may be the best piece of advice you ever receive, especially if YOUR way is not working AT ALL.

Growing up in a home where parents pushed education, financial security, comfort, and chasing after your dreams, it’s made really open my eyes to those in my life that didn’t have the same upbringing or things instilled in them at a young age. It’s also opened my eyes to those that just frolic through life day to day without having some sort of life plan on where they want to be in the next few years. Time waits for no one; whether you grew up in a home that showed you to want better for yourself or not, opportunities don’t just spring up on your lap. You have to hustle, work hard, plan, and be consistent to accomplish your goals.

In closing on these Thursday Thoughts, I will always help my loved ones; I have made many mistakes but have also made many great decisions. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I was closed minded and didn’t take in the great advice, energy, and compassion of others that have me in their best interest. This is why I am honest and refrain from sugar coating anything. When you insist on being ignorant, stubborn, and think you know it all…chances are you don’t know a thing and in turn will not ever be successful.

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