Take a Drive to De-stress

July 13, 2017
Take road trips to help with stress.

One of the things I like to do when I am stressed out and have a lot on my plate is take a drive. Get in my car, turn up the music, and just drive. Without a specific destination in mind, hitting the road to clear my head has become something that has helped me de-stress from all that I do. For me, taking a road trip (and it doesn’t have to be far.) by myself allows me to breathe in a bit of peace, gather my thoughts, and just take a small break away from everything to really think about my life. I think of the good, the bad, and how I can be better for myself and to others. Here are some life lessons and pearls of wisdom that have crossed my mind when I take a drive to de-stress.

Taking road trips to de-stress.

  • Family is everything if they mean well. Just because you are related to someone, doesn’t mean they always have your (or your family’s) best interest. There are always those few family members that want you to fail, and full of bitterness and negativity. There is nothing wrong with distancing yourself from that.
  • Make time for those that make time for you. With a busy schedule and time being very valuable, I always make time for those that check on me, show interest in what I have going on, support my goals and dreams, and want to be involved in my life.
  • Not everyone will support you on your ventures and that’s ok. I am a firm believer in karma, women empowerment, and that there is plenty of goodness out there for everyone. Always be the bigger person, support your peers, your community, and it will be returned to you in greater ways when you least expect it.
  • Time flies when you’re having fun, working, or doing nothing. It doesn’t stand still. If you have goals, dreams, a bucket list, or have want to make a major change in your life.  DO IT!
  • Never get involved with someone that isn’t over their ex. You want to be number #1. Not filling a void or a substitute.
  • There are true friends and then there are acquaintances to have a good time with. Every person plays a role in our lives; know the difference and you will know who to invest your time with.
  • Put your time, effort, and energy into what is going to make you a better person, be great for your future, and will have a positive effect on your life.
  • Spend more time enjoying nature. Connecting with life in the outdoors is relaxing and good for inner peace.
  • Stay true to yourself. The right people will love you for who you are and there is nothing more liberating than being yourself and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Make time for passions and hobbies. Keep your spirits high doing what you love; it’s also a great way to release stress.
  • You can’t make people love you or see all you have to offer. If they don’t see you for all your worth, then they don’t belong in your life.
  • Be open to experiencing new things. Even if you are scared or have never had any interest in trying something, if the opportunity comes your way, take it. It may be opening a door for new possibilities.

Take road trips to help with stress.