Types of Manicures

December 27, 2014

Regular manicure: It involves soaking your hands in warm water and pushing back cuticles followed by trimming and filing of nails. A lotion massage is done and nail paint is applied.

French manicure: It is a rage nowadays and is quite popular amongst all ages. It involves all the steps of a regular manicure which are soaking, trimming and filing of nails, massaging, moisturizing followed by nail paint. French manicure is differentiated by regular manicure due to a different way of application of nail paint. A clear or sheer pink nail polish is applied on the nail base followed by white nail paint on the tips of nails. Spa manicure: A regular manicure is followed by a hydrating mask or an aromatic salt rub for your hands which is very relaxing.

Paraffin manicure: It involves use of paraffin wax in a regular manicure process. This manicure works great for dehydrated hands or overworked hands. Warm paraffin wax is massaged into your nails or your hands are dipped into warm wax. It makes your hands soft and is extremely relaxing.

Hot stone manicure: Special stones which insulate heat are used to massage your hands followed by steps of a regular manicure. Luxury manicure: A regular manicure with some extra pampering of warm wax massage with mittens to keep hands soft and hydrated.

*Some high-end salons may also offer manicures that include exotic ingredients like Champagne, chocolate, ice cream, milk, and honey.

Types of Manicures