Thursday Thoughts: Where have All the (Single) Cowboys Gone?

April 28, 2016

Where have all the cowboys gone? I am sure you remember the popular song from the 90s sang by hairy armpits herself, Paula Cole. As her lyrics mention, “Where is my John Wayne, Where is my prairie song, Where is my happy ending, Where have all the cowboys gone?” So yeah, I am still waiting for my “cowboy”. Cowboys are suppose to be strong, protective, manly, providers, rescuers, and love you to no end right? Single life has shown me that only cowboys that exist either are an actor in a western flick or play on a football field. So really, where have all the real men gone? Do they even exist these days?

Being in the dating scene has made me realize how lazy men have gotten. Now before you think this is a man bashing post, I’m here to tell you it’s far from it. (Think of it as a suggestion to get up off your ass and be the men you claim to be instead of acting like something you are far from.) I am very open-minded and don’t have a “type” so to speak, so I am open to going out with all types of men. In my opinion, you never know who you may meet that could turn out to be a lifelong friend, business relationship, or maybe even “the one”.  But sad to say nowadays men put no effort into women and in some cases vice versa (which is a totally another blog post.). Men want attention, respect, needs and wants fulfilled, yet they don’t want to give a little to get a lot. Women are naturally givers, nurturers; so when you are good to us, we are even better to you.

I may not be supermodel status on the outside, but I can honestly say that I bring a lot to the table and I am a good person. I work hard; I support my friends and family on their ventures, and my community. It would be nice to meet someone that does at the same yet, all I have come across are little boys that throw tantrums, don’t care for a good life to enjoy, have no goals, and invest more time and money on pointless bad habits than on things that can be beneficial to their futures. I have heard and seen it all; men that strut around like they are the high and mighty thinking the world owes them everything including the sun, yet, they have absolutely nothing to offer you, not even a good attitude.

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In conclusion to my rant of single life, I notice the harder I work, the more goals I reach, the more intimidated the men I have met along the way become, resulting in claiming I have an attitude, when all I have is standards and refuse to settle. Is it my fault that I choose to bust my ass working hard while you sit on yours wasting away doing nothing? Umm, no. So guys, if you want a good, strong, independent woman, you need to bring good to the table; you need to not be intimidated and/or jealous of our ambitiousness, and be as supportive to us as we are to you.  While I put my dating days on pause, my only hope is while I continue to work hard and build my little empire, one day I’ll find the one who will enjoy it with me and be able to give me the same.