A Few Words to My Besties on National Best Friends Day

June 8, 2016

Today is National Best Friend Day; with it being a special day to celebrate your besties, it made me think about mine. I have many great people in my life, but out of all my friends, I have 5 individuals that have been in my life 12+ years each. They have stuck by me through all the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them and let them know how special they are to me.

About ‪#‎NationalBestFriendsDay‬: Best friends may be hard to find, but life just wouldn’t be the same without them. Today is our opportunity to celebrate that one special person in our lives who has always been there for us. Take a moment to express how much he or she means to you!

Cappi- The angel  on my shoulder, always reminding me of my worth, tells me what I am doing wrong when I don’t want to hear it, and keeps me in line. You have been there at the drop of a hat through some of my darkest times. Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t remember my 20’s and probably wouldn’t be alive today. Though we are completely opposite, you were always at my side even if you didn’t agree with my crazy ideas. I love you friend, you and I were meant to be the day we met on your blind date.

Shine Beautifully Cappi

Raul- My number 1 dancing partner, my gay husband; you are the male version of me in many ways. You and I have so many stories; good ones and some really bad ones, but no matter what, as the years went by, our love for each other has never changed. Through some bad break-ups, family leaving us permanently, and now living in different cities, we are there for each other. My Perra, I love you always…you always remind me that my wild spirit lives on, no matter how much I have grown.

Shine Beautifully Perra

Mina- From shitty boyfriends to now being god-sisters; I have seen you blossom into the woman you are now. Thank you for always being up for an adventure, being my shoulder to cry on, and being family. From our heart to heart talks, booze filled nights, to our quiet movie nights…there has never been a dull moment. So with that said…thaaaaaaaaaaaank you Mina! Love ya!

Shine Beautifully Mina

Sissy-I feel like we grew up together and you are the sister I never had. I know our lives are both so different but, thank you for always taking the time out to check on me, ask me if I’m ok, and if I need anything. I am so proud to say you are my sister and the wonderful wife and mom to my brother and nephews. I love you so much and we are all so blessed and lucky you are our family.

Shine Beautifully Sissy

Woni- My partner in crime, the little devil on my other shoulder, my bestie with the silliest spirit; we have been through some shit girl! Your childlike spirit always cheers me up when I have the blues, some of my most memorable experiences good and bad have been spent with you. I know sometimes we don’t agree on things but, I know we can pick up where we left off when things have cooled down. Beside…you know we know way too much about each other to ever stay mad permanently.  Though I don’t see you every day like I use to, as much as we talk and text, it’s like you never left. As much as you drive me crazy…you know I love you just as much.  TAXI!

Shine Beautifully Woni

I hope all of you are in my life for another 12+ years; I know my life has been a roller coaster of good and bad and I thank all of you for being there with me through it all. So…here’s to many more memories, more trips to the beach, jello shots, beer bongs, laughter, and love. Happy National Best Friends Day my Loves!